We will be running our normal operations in the first two weekends of May 2022. There will be two areas of special consideration regarding Covid.

First, we will be using basic covid precautions in the obvious places but CANNOT completely insulate ourselves from all risk. Most of the trip is quite safe by nature - lots of space, sunlight, wind, etc creating an ideal social distancing environment by default.

There are a few areas that will be more risky, specifically 2 vehicle shuttles (30 min each) and our final bus ride (2 hrs). These CANNOT be practically distanced or altered.  The two shuttles are optional but almost everyone takes them, for good reason.  Any SAG vehicle rides will fall into the same boat.

Masks will be optional for the bulk of the event with three exceptions - Camp 3 (tighter space than 1 & 2), all vehicle shuttles and all food lines.

You will not need to ride wearing a mask.

We realize this isn’t ideal for everyone but believe it represents the best possible mix of risk vs reward.

The bottom line is this - if you aren’t comfortable with a marginal risk of exposure, best to sit this one out.  No hard feelings, we’ll be back next year.

Please bear in mind our Covid protocols are based on the current situation.  Should that change as the ride approaches we'll adapt these protocols as needed, and of course we'll keep you fully informed.