We will be running our normal operations in the first two weekends of May 2021. There will be two areas of special consideration regarding Covid.

First, we will be using basic covid precautions in the obvious places but CANNOT completely insulate ourselves from all risk. Most of the trip is quite safe by nature - lots of space, sunlight, wind, etc creating an ideal social distancing environment by default.

There are a few areas that will be more risky, specifically 2 vehicle shuttles (30 min each) and our final bus ride (2 hrs). These CANNOT be practically distanced or altered.  The two shuttles are optional but almost everyone takes them, for good reason.  Any SAG vehicle rides will fall into the same boat.

Masks will be optional for the bulk of the event with three exceptions - Camp 3 (tighter space than 1 & 2), all vehicle shuttles and all food lines.

You will not need to ride wearing a mask.

We realize this isn’t ideal for everyone but believe it represents the best possible mix of risk vs reward.

The bottom line is this - if you aren’t comfortable with a marginal risk of exposure, best to sit this one out.  No hard feelings, we’ll be back next year.


2/15/2021 Update - The below no longer applies.  All previously waitlisted riders have been migrated to the 'normal' roster.  From here forward the waitlist will be an actual waiting list while all registered riders are on the official roster. 

Registration will be a bit different this year. Sign up thru BikeReg as normal, however you will be signing up for the WAITLIST. This locks your spot and yet allows us to delay charging your card for a few weeks.

Two reasons for this - first, it allows us to gauge interest. This is a big deal, we have a minimum participant break-even point we have to hit or we can’t run the trip. So if only 40 riders sign up, clearly that isn’t going to work.

It’s much easier to deal with cancellations prior to receiving your payment. We’ll know where we stand in a week or less.

Second it allows us to monitor & adjust to the changing covid situation. So if suddenly the whole planet becomes infected we know it’d be better to wait a year. Any such decision would occur no later than March 1st.

(Bear in mind we’re a full-go, this is just an emergency relief valve)