Kokopelli Trail   May 4 & 11, 2017




Kokopelli Trail

Guidebook & Maps

The guidebook is now free!

Based on years of both riding the trail & planning multi-day trips, we've condensed our experience into this guide.

Of course, we've included the most accurate & thorough mile-by-mile breakdown of the trail in existence to help you get the most from your saddle time. And there's more.

This guidebook is dedicated to both detailing the trail itself and assisting you with preparing, planning and undertaking a multi-day cycling trip. Whether you're planning a 7-day group excursion with support vehicles, a solo 1-day blitz or anything in between, you'll find all the information you need in these pages to have a safe & fun trip.

Included are key logistic points, cache locations, vehicle accessibility routes, different itineraries, altitude breakdowns, training information and much more.

You'll also find important info on what to expect in terms of technical & endurance riding abilities for each section, insider tips on the best camps and side routes, even valuable bits for keeping your support driver happy!

Kokopelli Trail Guidebook - Alex Hearn - free download!

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Our Kokopelli Trail Guidebook is available free as a download, click the above picture for a PDF. It's also available in E-reader format from Amazon and iTunes, this is easy to use on a smartphone while riding.

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Why are we giving this book away?

This guide is the product of 1000's of hours of work and recognized as the most thorough & accurate KPT guide in existence. It was sold commercially from 2006-2012 which is kind of a pain in the butt when you're not a bookstore.

We've sold a couple thousand copies & now it's time to focus our attention elsewhere - rather than selling guides & maps - and take on new projects, new rides, new events. So we're putting this info out to the world to be freely distributed in hopes it will promote responsible and safe use of the trail.

This guidebook is designed to be used with 2 maps from Latitude 40, easily the best maps around for the trail. These are probably available in your local bike shop as well.

We've discontinued selling maps but may sell them thru Amazon Prime shortly.
An updated link will appear here if so.

Meanwhile they can be ordered directly
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