Kokopelli Trail

Veteran Tips


“Training is mandatory – if you don’t train, you won’t have nearly as much fun” – Cindy

“I’m glad I wore the [Camelback] HAWG. It became my home away from home carrying all my necessities. I wish my bike was lighter. I’m glad I got the big [memory] chip for my digital camera, that I had a convenient place to carry it, and that I had a battery for each day. I really used the compass a lot.” – Kathy
Kokopelli Trail - Mountain Bike

“Best $400 you could spend on mtn biking this season!” – Brad S.

“Read the maps!” – unknown

“Latch onto a ‘riding buddy’ each day.” – Cindy

“Ride your own pace and take it easy. The key is to never put yourself into the red” – Tom

“Wet Wipes rock!” – unknown

Kokopelli Trail - Mountain Bike“The scenery and camaraderie make up the majority of the Kokopelli Trail experience. We’ve all walked away from this with new friends and a new respect for what biking can be & It is a (at least) once-in-a-lifetime event, and I’m glad to have been a part of it!” – Al

“One of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was great being cheered when coming into camp each day.” – Brad D.

“Recommend that cyclists ride in pairs or groups and use walkie-talkies. Suggest that they consult their map at every junction.” – Janet

“This is 3x harder than the White Rim Trail.” – Sally

“Grease up your chamois with Bag Balm everyday. Consider wearing 2 pairs of shorts if your butt gets sore. Don’t even think of not wearing sunscreen.” – Tom
Kokopelli Trail - Mountain Bike

“After logging 120 miles in 2 1/2 days, I was confronted with the moment of truth……. Friendly downhill road down to campsite, ~or~, Sick and Gnarly “I eat hard tails for breakfast” Porcupine Rim Trail. If I had wanted the easy road, I would have stayed home and played Xbox.
I met a lot of cool people on the ride, the most impressive was my riding buddy Frank. Frank is 62 years old, has Asthma, and only 15% cartilage in 1 knee. We rode together on the first day. On the second and third days he left me in the dust.” – Fish

“Overall this was a fantastic experience. Be prepared, it’s a tough ride but well worth it.” – Paul C.

“It’s all about the hours, not the mileage.” – Speck

Kokopelli Trail - Mountain Bike“Bring more film, batteries and money than you think you’ll need” – Eladio

“Work on technical skills (like rock climbing) and long uphill endurance.” – Ken H.

“This ride is for those who would like to bunny-hop up their endurance & challenge their riding skills.” – Willie

“As good as it gets on this planet! Train hard, wear good shorts.” – The Turtle

“The desert was as beautiful as you’d ever see it. The nights in camp around the campfire will not be forgotten. The howls of the coyotes were something to hear while lying in the tent. The night sky and the stars were unbelievable.” – Noel
Kokopelli Trail - Mountain Bike

“It’s a fantastic experience through remarkable country. Sure, it’s a tough ride, overcoming challenges and building memories is what life’s about. – Stan

“100 ozs of H2O and 3 Clif Bars 2x/day. Stan’s NoTubes. 2.35″ tire up front.
A small water bottle filled with Cytomax, concentrated. Endurance. And pee a lot. ” – Alex