Bikerpelli 2024
Join Bikerpelli on the Kokopelli Trail

An unforgettable desert trek from Fruita, CO to Moab UT
4 days, 142+ miles, 90 riders per trip, $599 per rider

Registration begins Wednesday January 17th at 10a MST

Trip One – April 25-28 * * * Trip Two – May 2-5
Both trips are currently SOLD OUT but the waitlist is short
& most waitlist folks get a shot. Jump in using the button below –


The largest, most epic multi-day MTB event on the Kokopelli Trail. We host two fully supported trips in May for 3 days and nights and an average of 150 miles of serious trail time. You’ll ride, you’ll sweat, you’ll meet 20 new best friends and never forget the experience.

About half our riders complete the trail & tick it off their list before moving on to the next challenge. The other half return year after year, avg’ing about 3+ trips each. There’s something far bigger than just a bike ride here – this is an experience, one that will push you to new heights you had no idea you could achieve.

The trail will keep you enthralled. The community will keep you coming back. Put the two together and there’s something special you won’t want to miss.

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Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

What’s Included?

The idea is we handle the details leaving you free to ride all day without worry. After an AM route briefing and a serious breakfast, you’ll hit the trail and ride the first half of the day into a lunch aid station. From here you’ll re-fuel and lube the chain in our shop before pedaling the 2nd half into camp where you’ll find our snack bar waiting along with your personal gear. Setup your tent for the nite, grab a quick rinse in the camp showers and we’ll have a massive dinner ready shortly. Finally, relax around the campfire & recount the day before doing it all again tomorrow – 3 days of MTB bliss!

You can expect thorough route briefings each day, delicious home cooked meals, stunning backcountry camps and bonfires to wrap up the day. We carry all your gear and water re-supply and shuttle you back to your car at the end of the ride!

We also have bike & body mechanics on hand (IE bike repair & first aid if needed) and a large supply of spare parts (for the bike, not your body). You’ll basically be bringing a bike, tent, sleeping bag & a toothbrush. We’ll have most everything else covered.
Once registered you’ll receive a full gear checklist & an info kit with answers to almost every question we’ve ever had.

About The Ride


Traveling 142 miles from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT with offshoots for additional singletrack, The Kokopelli Trail is unique for a whole mess of reasons – the terrain, the remoteness and immensely diverse conditions. This is considered strong-intermediate terrain and is not a beginner ride, but it’s in range for a beginner willing to put in the training time.

Join Bikerpelli on the Kokopelli Trail
Join Bikerpelli on the Kokopelli Trail
Join Bikerpelli on the Kokopelli Trail



Be Prepared To Experience The New Adventures

Previous Riders

All previous riders are on our wake-up call list ALREADY, no need to subscribe unless your email has changed. Trip registrations are not transferable to others. Cancellation deadline is March 15th.

Registration Date

Registration starts Wednesday, January 17th 2024

At: 10 AM MST

Included with every registration is our unique jersey for each year, above are a few samples.
The 2024 design should be viewable in January.


Sometimes the best explanation comes thru a camera lens. These videos capture the flavor of the trail and the Bikerpelli experience better than we could ever describe.